Flamboro Downs and Georgian Downs Implement Social Media

 In an effort to maximize horse entries at both Flamboro Downs and Georgian Downs, racetrack management, in cooperation with the Ontario Harness Horse Association (OHHA), are implementing the use of social media to connect with the racing industry.  With the launch of a new Facebook page Flamboro Downs and Georgian Downs now possess the tools to – within minutes – notify hundreds of interested trainers and owners when classes are left open in order to fill those races.  “We view this as another tool that will allow us the opportunity to inform a large community in a short period of time when the box remains open for entries” stated race secretary Sheri Minler-Grabatin.

To receive Facebook notifications simply go to the Facebook website www.facebook.com and type in: Ontario Racing Program.  Once there, click on the “like” icon.  You will now receive notifications via Facebook when classes remain open.  To receive the notifications by text on any mobile device, simply click on the “subscribe via sms updates” on the left-hand side and follow the directions.  

“Technology has allowed us to do many things in nontraditional ways” stated Brian Tropea, General Manager of OHHA.  “If we can better inform our members when racing opportunities exist then I believe that we should embrace that technology.  This is something new and unique and we will monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of it going forward”.  

For further information please contact Brian Tropea at 1-866-774-6442 (toll free) or 905-854-6442, ext. 226, or by email (brian@ohha.ca).


All members please ensure you get your RRSP forms and $100 into the OHHA office by December 1st, 2022. Forms can be emailed to
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