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Member Responsibilities


In 2004 the regulators created guidelines regarding the operation of a Capital Accumulation Plan (CAP) within Canada.   The OHHA Group RRSP qualifies as a CAP program.

Under these guidelines OHHA, Manulife, and you the – plan member – all have certain responsibilities to ensure adherence to the guidelines.  The purpose of this correspondence is to highlight the responsibilities of plan members.

What are my responsibilities as a plan member?

First and foremost, always ensure that the OHHA office is kept up to date on your contact information.  If you move and don’t inform us we may not be able to direct your account statements, tax receipts, etc.

Plan member have three main responsibilities regarding their OHHA Group RRSP account:

  1. Deciding how much to contribute to the plan.
  2. Making investment choices from available investment options.
  3. Using the decision-making tools and information provided by OHHA and Manulife.

How do I do this?

  • Use the OHHA website for plan details and instructions for making contributions.
  • Use the Manulife website for Steps tool to help decide how much to contribute and where to invest your contributions.
  • Call the Manulife toll-free assistance line 1-866-727-7766
  • Obtain independent advice from a qualified individual.


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