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Ontario Harness Horse Association currently offers their members benefits through Canada Life. Offering affordable prices and great service. Become a member now.

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2023 Benefit Pricing

CLASS 1SINGLE$ 105.73$ 8.46$ 114.19UNDER 50
CLASS 1FAMILY$ 240.52$ 19.24$ 259.76UNDER 50
CLASS 2SINGLE$ 107.12$8.57$ 115.69AGES 50-64
CLASS 2FAMILY$ 250.19$ 20.02$ 270.21AGES 50-64
CLASS 3SINGLE$ 154.68$ 12.37$ 167.05AGE 65+
CLASS 3FAMILY$ 350.72$ 28.06$ 378.78AGE 65+

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Out of Country Coverage

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Health Care Coverage

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OHHA Benefits Summary 2023

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For additional information please refer to your Benefit Plan Booklet.


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