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OHHA offers a group RRSP to members who are full-time owners, trainers, assistant trainers, drivers, breeders and caretakers participating in standardbred racing in Ontario. The purpose of this group RRSP is to provide income for full-time horsepeople upon retirement.

If you meet the criteria, you may be eligible for a contribution from OHHA to your RRSP account of up to $1200 annually. All contributions to your account are tax deductible. Beginning July 1, 2006, members may choose from a wide range of funds to invest their assets. See detailed information on the RRSP program…

For more information on the RRSP program, call OHHA office RRSP Administrator at 905-854-6442 or 1-866-774-6442 ext. 224.

If you have any questions regarding the forms below please contact Jennifer Rankin at (905) 854-6442 or

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this section a complete description of the program?

No, this section has been prepared as a summary of OHHA’s RRSP Policies. OHHA reserves the right to decide all questions arising in the administration of the program.

How are my benefits under the program affected by the canada/quebec pension plans and old age security act?

CPP/QPP and OAS benefits do not affect the benefits described in this booklet in any way, but are completely in addition to the benefits provided under this program.

May I assign benefits under the program?

No, your rights under any group RRSP are not assignable.

Are my contributions tax-deductible?

The OHHA Group Retirement Program has been registered under the Income Tax Act (Canada) thus making both OHHA’s and your personal contributions tax deductible up to the allowable limits.

What information and tools will I receive as a member of the plan?

You will receive semi-annual member statements mailed to your home address. You may obtain your Account Balance at any time through your personal account via the Plan Administrator’s website using your personal PIN #. Information about retirement planning goals and investment decisions is available from the Plan Administrator by contacting the OHHA office.

Does OHHA expect to continue this plan indefinitely?

In order to protect both yourself and OHHA from unforeseen conditions, the right to change or discontinue this program is necessarily reserved. However, no such change or termination of the program can affect the benefits you have acquired prior to the date of such action.

Where do I obtain forms?

Enrollment forms can be all be found on the RRSP Information & Forms page or by calling the OHHA office RRSP Department (905) 854-6442 or 1-866-774-6442.