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Members wishing to contact Manulife may call the Member Service Centre at 1-888-727-7766, or log in using this link.

PLEASE NOTE:  In order to withdraw funds and terminate your plan, you must contact the OHHA office.  Manulife will not process these requests sent directly to them.

Introducing the my retirement tools mobile application

A new mobile application – My Retirement Tools – will be available for plan members to download on their smartphones and tablets. My Retirement Tools contains four calculators that can help members effectively plan and save for retirement from the convenience of their mobile devices.

My Retirement Tools

  • The Contribution Calculator (Previously Called ‘Benefit To The Max’) shows how small increases in contributions can help maximize savings.
  • The Withdrawal Calculator shows members how a withdrawal from their RRSPs can affect their overall retirement savings.
  • NEW! The Retirement Savings Calculator estimates how much members should save to reach their desired retirement lifestyle.
  • The Investment Comparison Calculator (Previously Called ‘A Tale Of Two Investors’) compares the growth of two investment options using five different strategies.


Members can access all of these tools now on Manulife’s public website as well as through the secure website’s Learning Centre alongside other helpful tools and resources.

Steps Retirement Program From Manulife

The STEPS Retirement planning program, available to RRSP members through Manulife, is an engaging, user friendly application.  It helps set retirement income goals, creates a plan to achieve them and helps track progress, all in only 20 minutes. To learn more about the STEPS program, click here to watch a video. To take advantage of the STEPS tool or other features available to Manulife retirement plan members, you need to have on-line access to your account on the Manulife website.  You may login through this page. You will need your customer number, found on your RRSP statement, and your PIN number.  If you do not have a PIN number, you can get one by calling Manulife at 1-888-727-7766.

Changes to CPP and OAS

Canadians planning their retirement need to be aware of changes to CPP and OAS instituted by the government in 2012, and continuing in future years. CPP (Canadian Pension Plan) Early use, lower benefits.   Can elect to start to claim CPP at age 60 with catch.  There is a 0.5% reduction in pension payment for each month before age 65 that you collect.  Therefore someone who elects to claim at age 60 would receive a 30% reduction in their monthly CPP payment.  This reduction rate will increase each year till 2016 where it will cap out at 0.6% reduction per month or a 36% reduction if start collecting at age 60. Later use, higher monthly benefit.  You can elect to defer collecting CPP till age 70 and you will receive an additional monthly pension credit of 0.5% for each month of the deferral.  So someone who puts off receiving CPP till age 70 would receive a 30% bonus in their CPP calculation.  The monthly bonus credit for 2013 and years thereafter caps out at 0.7% for each month of deferral for a maximum bonus of 42% at age 70. OAS  (Old Age Security) New legislation and rules were introduced to change the date that Canadians can begin to collect OAS in June of 2012 Born before March 31, 1958, no change and you begin collecting at age 65. Born February 1, 1962 and after, collect at age 67 Born Between these dates, sliding scale of when you can collect.  See Chart.

Gail Vaz-Oxlade Webinar – “Do You Have Retirement Anxiety?”

Gail Vaz-Oxlade, host of the TV show “Til Debt Do Us Part”,  hosts webinars through her partnership with Manulife.  To listen to the recorded webinar “Do you have retirement anxiety?”, click here.

Manulife plan member secure website tutorial video

With this clear, concise video, you can learn to use Manulife’s Plan Member Secure Website to view your RRSP account, make changes to your investments or personal info, use tools and calculators to help plan your retirement, and many other helpful resources. Click here for the video. To go to the Manulife Plan Member Website, click here.

Coming Spring 2012 – New Manulife Plan Member Secure Website

Informative.  Easy-to-use.  Tailored just for You. This June, Manulife is introducing the redesigned group retirement plan member secure website. Click here to learn more about the exciting enhancements. Getting there is simple… Log in to your secure plan member website at  You’ll need your Customer Number and PIN. You’ll find your customer number on page 1 of your plan member statement.  If you don’t have a PIN or have forgotten it, call 1-888-727-7766. Look for your new plan member secure site – coming June 2012.

Manulife Investment Tools For Plan Members

Accessing your account

How do I access my account? Here are simple instructions for you to follow so you can log on to your OHHA Group RRSP account. The benefits to logging on to your account include:

  • viewing your current account balance to see how it’s grown
  • make investment and/or address changes
  • make use of the Steps® Retirement Tools to help you plan for your retirement and make decisions about your investments in the plan
  • access to other tools and information
  • duplicate RRSP receipts

Step 1. Before you log on, you will require a PIN. To do this:

  • Call the Member toll-free number 1-888-727-7766
  • Have Customer Number ready. Can be obtained from Welcome letter for new members or on Member Statement for existing members
  • Member follows prompts and will be directed to PIN setting system.
  • The member can zero out at any time to speak to a customer service rep.

Step 2. Log on to your account via the Manulife secure website:

If you need any assistance, you can call the member toll-free line 1-888-727-7766 Monday to Friday until 8:00 p.m.

Financial Planning Tips

Here you’ll find helpful information on how to effectively manage your personal finances from a renowned author and television host Gail Vaz-Oxlade. Take some time to read the articles on various topics related to personal finance, learn helpful money management tips, and view the educational webcasts

Investment Basics Video