The Board of the HBPA of Ontario have been hearing concerns from many
of our members about the first condition book and the implemented
changes at Woodbine.
As you may be aware the HBPA had been active in discussions with
Woodbine in their efforts to streamline the condition book and
incorporate the $4 million purse increase which was announced before
the end of racing in 2018.
However, when the first condition book for 2019 at Woodbine was
released earlier this month the HBPA Board was disappointed and
concerned when realizing that the conditions in the book were NOT what
the HBPA had agreed to in our committee discussions with Woodbine.
To be clear, the HBPA did not agree and we do not agree with Woodbine’s
implemented changes in the first condition book for 2019.
The HBPA recently explained our disagreement to Woodbine and in turn
they expressed that they want to try some new strategies in the first book
to combine available horses and ensure ample field sizes to attract the
wagering dollars needed to sustain purses.
The HBPA Board would like to assure our members that we are continuing
in our discussions with Woodbine. We also encourage our members to
provide the HBPA with constructive or alternative ideas to provide
Woodbine with timely feedback to ensure that the best interests of our
members are being met.
Please be advise that the long‐term funding agreement has been signed
with the PC government. For clarification regarding HIP, please note that
the $10 million, which has been characterized as new revenue is actually
the current enhanced HIP of $6.5 million with additional new revenue of
$3.5 million totaling $10 million dollars; which will be shared among the
three breeds.
Good news for Fort Erie horse people. Effective the 2019 racing season
there will be a 20% increase to purses and a $400 payment for unplaced
The backstretch will open on Friday April 12th and shipping in will being
on Sunday April 14th. Opening date is slated for Tuesday May 28